Corner to Corner (C2C) Cloud Blanket - Free Graphgan

Colors and yarns

(b) 11220 pink - Nako Calico (DK/8 ply) {~ 350 gr / 860 m / 940 yds}
(w) 3782 cream - Nako Calico (DK/( ply) {~ 250 gr / 612 m / 670 yds}

- Yarn (see above)
- 4 mm hook or a size that suits your yarn


- Blanket size: ~35x33 inches / 90x85 cm.

- Here you can find a great C2C crochet tutorial in English including a video:

- Eine deutsprachige Anleitung für die C2C-Technik findest du u.a. hier: 

- Türkçe C2C örgü tekniği için bu kaynağa bakabilirsiniz:


{direction: from bottom right to top left}

Written instructions:

{direction: from bottom right to top left}
{b: blue/blau/mavi, w: white/weiß/beyaz}

Row 1 [RS]: b 
Row 2 [WS]: b2 
Row 3 [RS]: b3 
Row 4 [WS]: b4 
Row 5 [RS]: b5 
Row 6 [WS]: b6 
Row 7 [RS]: b2, w, b4 
Row 8 [WS]: b5, w, b2 
Row 9 [RS]: b2, w2, b5 
Row 10 [WS]: b6, w2, b2 
Row 11 [RS]: b2, w3, b6 
Row 12 [WS]: b7, w2, b3 
Row 13 [RS]: b13 
Row 14 [WS]: b14 
Row 15 [RS]: b15 
Row 16 [WS]: b16 
Row 17 [RS]: b17 
Row 18 [WS]: b18 
Row 19 [RS]: b19 
Row 20 [WS]: b20 
Row 21 [RS]: b14, w3, b4 
Row 22 [WS]: b4, w4, b14 
Row 23 [RS]: b14, w5, b4 
Row 24 [WS]: b5, w6, b13 
Row 25 [RS]: b4, w, b8, w7, b5 
Row 26 [WS]: b6, w7, b8, w, b4 
Row 27 [RS]: b4, w2, b7, w7, b7 
Row 28 [WS]: b7, w8, b7, w2, b4 
Row 29 [RS]: b4, w3, b6, w9, b7 
Row 30 [WS]: b7, w10, b6, w2, b5 
Row 31 [RS]: b13, w10, b8 
Row 32 [WS]: b8, w11, b13 
Row 33 [RS]: b13, w11, b9 
Row 34 [WS]: b10, w10, b14 
Row 35 [RS]: b14, w10, b11 
Row 36 [WS]: b11, w11, b14 
Row 37 [RS]: b15, w11, b11 
Row 38 [WS]: b12, w11, b15 
Row 39 [RS]: b15, w12, b12 
Row 40 [WS]: b13, w11, b16 
Row 41 [RS]: b9, w3, b4, w11, b14 
Row 42 [WS]: b15, w11, b3, w4, b9 
Row 43 [RS]: b9, w5, b3, w10, b16 
Row 44 [WS]: b2, w3, b13, w9, b3, w6, b8 
Row 45 [RS]: b8, w7, b3, w6, b15, w4, b2 
Row 46 [WS]: b2, w5, b15, w5, b4, w7, b8 
Row 47 [RS]: b8, w8, b4, w2, b16, w6, b3 
Row 48 [WS]: b3, w7, b22, w8, b8 
Row 49 [RS]: b8, w8, b22, w7, b4 
Row 50 [WS]: b4, w8, b22, w8, b8 
Row 51 [RS]: b2, w, b5, w9, b21, w8, b5 
Row 52 [WS]: b6, w8, b8, w2, b11, w9, b5, w, b2 
Row 53 [RS]: b2, w2, b4, w10, b9, w4, b7, w8, b7 
Row 54 [WS]: b7, w9, b6, w5, b9, w10, b4, w2, b2 
Row 55 [RS]: b2, w3, b3, w10, b7, w, b, w5, b6, w9, b8 

Corner {start to decrease}

Row 56 [WS]: b8, w10, b5, w9, b6, w10, b3, w2, b2 
Row 57 [RS]: b6, w11, b4, w10, b5, w10, b9 
Row 58 [WS]: b10, w10, b4, w11, b4, w10, b6 
Row 59 [RS]: b5, w10, b4, w11, b4, w10, b11 
Row 60 [WS]: b11, w11, b4, w11, b4, w9, b5 

Corner {start to decrease}

Row 61 [RS]: b4, w10, b4, w10, b5, w10, b11 
Row 62 [WS]: b4, w, b6, w10, b4, w11, b4, w9, b4 
Row 63 [RS]: b4, w9, b3, w12, b4, w9, b6, w, b4 
Row 64 [WS]: b3, w2, b5, w10, b3, w12, b4, w8, b4 
Row 65 [RS]: b6, w5, b4, w12, b4, w9, b5, w2, b3 
Row 66 [WS]: b2, w3, b4, w9, b4, w13, b4, w3, b7 
Row 67 [RS]: b12, w15, b4, w8, b5, w2, b2 
Row 68 [WS]: b9, w5, b7, w16, b10 
Row 69 [RS]: b9, w17, b8, w3, b9 
Row 70 [WS]: b20, w17, b8 
Row 71 [RS]: b8, w17, b19 
Row 72 [WS]: b19, w17, b7 
Row 73 [RS]: b7, w16, b19 
Row 74 [WS]: b11, w, b7, w16, b6 
Row 75 [RS]: b6, w16, b6, w, b11 
Row 76 [WS]: b10, w2, b5, w17, b5 
Row 77 [RS]: b5, w16, b5, w2, b10 
Row 78 [WS]: b9, w3, b5, w15, b5 
Row 79 [RS]: b5, w15, b5, w2, b9 
Row 80 [WS]: b16, w15, b4 
Row 81 [RS]: b3, w15, b16 
Row 82 [WS]: b16, w14, b3 
Row 83 [RS]: b2, w14, b16 
Row 84 [WS]: b17, w, b, w10, b2 
Row 85 [RS]: b, w9, b20 
Row 86 [WS]: b20, w3, b, w4, b 
Row 87 [RS]: b, w3, b18, w, b5 
Row 88 [WS]: b5, w, b21 
Row 89 [RS]: b20, w2, b4 
Row 90 [WS]: b4, w2, b19 
Row 91 [RS]: b18, w3, b3 
Row 92 [WS]: b3, w2, b18 
Row 93 [RS]: b22 
Row 94 [WS]: b21 
Row 95 [RS]: b7, w, b12 
Row 96 [WS]: b12, w, b6 
Row 97 [RS]: b5, w2, b11 
Row 98 [WS]: b11, w2, b4 
Row 99 [RS]: b3, w3, b10 
Row 100 [WS]: b10, w2, b3 
Row 101 [RS]: b14 
Row 102 [WS]: b13 
Row 103 [RS]: b12 
Row 104 [WS]: b11 
Row 105 [RS]: b10 
Row 106 [WS]: b9 
Row 107 [RS]: b8 
Row 108 [WS]: b7 
Row 109 [RS]: b6 
Row 110 [WS]: b5 
Row 111 [RS]: b4 
Row 112 [WS]: b3 
Row 113 [RS]: b2 
Row 114 [WS]: b 

Last step:

Enjoy your Cloud Blanket!



  1. This is beautiful! I hope to start making one soon. Thank you for the pattern.

  2. Hi, I've just started making this n needed to clarify that after row 55, each corner square is decreased, no?

    1. Hey, no, we start to decrease after row 61.

  3. Gibt es die Anleitung zu der Decke auch auf deutsch?

  4. Y does it say corner decrease at 55

  5. What is the meaning of RS and WS?

  6. Hi, did you crochet a border to finish this blanket?